RSS feeds are contents flows across the net.

You can configure your own sites so that the latest Press releases published on the Antalis financial website are embedded into your own pages and information sources updated automatically using RSS feed software aggregators.

Suscribe RSS feeds

Internet Explorer

A special RSS reader is required to read your site content updates online. There are many different types of aggregator. Most are free and can be downloaded online.

Consult the list of aggregators here.


Download and install the next-generation Firefox browser.

While browsing with Firefox, you will see an orange logo displayed at the bottom right of your browser window indicating that a RSS feed is available. If you click on the logo, you can automatically add the RSS feed to your Firefox live bookmarks.

Safari (Mac OS X)

The latest version of Safari features a native RSS feed aggregator. To find out more, read the tutorial published on Apple’s web site.

RSS using Safari