Responsible sourcing

Antalis has developed a responsible sourcing framework based on its Code of Conduct and ESG principles to ensure sustainability and responsibility in all our sourcing activities. This framework applies to all wood pulp and paper sourcing.

This framework and the associated principles are detailed into the “Sustainable wood pulp and paper sourcing Policy” adopted by the group in December 2013.

Antalis follows a supplier selection process which operates in an unbiased, fair and objective manner.

The performance of supplier candidates related to social and environmental responsibility is taken into account in addition to their strategic fit, service capability, product quality and sustainability. Antalis has therefore developed and is evolving a responsible sourcing framework based on its Code of Conduct in order to ensure responsibility in all its sourcing activities.


In order to provide all guarantees of traceability and proper management of the associated forestry resources, Antalis relies on two responsible forest management certifications, the FSC ® and PEFC labels. In order to guarantee the transparency and reliability of its supply chain, since 2010 Antalis has put in place FSC ® and PEFC multi-site certification for 34 of its sites, which are audited by independent third parties body on a yearly basis.


Antalis Group FSC Certificate 2023

Antalis Group PEFC Certificate 2023