The Antalis sustainable supply chain

Supply chain due diligence is a pivotal part of Antalis’ ESG strategy, providing greater protection against the risks inherent in supply chains. Traceability and transparency of information are key to doing business.

Antalis uses the Sedex platform to collect the relevant data from its suppliers, allowing Antalis to evaluate a supplier’s business practices in matters such as labour, health & safety, environmental and ethical matters.

Sedex is home to one of the world’s largest collaborative platforms for sharing responsible sourcing data on supply chains, used by more than 43,000 members in over 150 countries.

Our suppliers are asked to register on Sedex, complete the SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire) and Antalis’ bespoke questionnaire, download the required documents of proof and link with Antalis so that we are able to access their data.

A specific risk assessment is conducted by our teams, in particular with regard to compliance with EU Regulations (REACH, EUTR…) and labour rights.

Download the document related to EUTR

Download the document related to REACH