d2b: digital-to-business

The digital printing market is booming. It currently accounts for 3% of global production with an estimated turnover of $141 billion, which could rise to $291 billion in 2024 (source: Pira). To provide support for its clients in this constantly changing market, Antalis launched the d2b – digital to business – initiative in 2012.

03-activites_d2b-logo-r-Q_768x845One of the cornerstones of this initiative is the offer of a very extensive range of papers: coated and uncoated paper, creative and specialties paper (synthetic, adhesive, graphical card, etc.) for digital presses using all types of technologies, as well as media for large-format printing.

In the framework of this initiative, Antalis has also forged a network of digital printers, communication agencies, advertisers, publishers, paper producers and manufacturers of digital equipment, corporate reprographics departments and reprographers in order to promote the sharing of expertise, experience and best practice among all of these key players. This has led to the organisation of events in partnership with the manufacturers of digital printing presses, finishing equipment and software solutions providers, for example. Antalis participates in Xerox’s annual European forum which brings together the main European printers equipped with Xerox digital presses. Antalis is also a Platinum partner of the DSCOOP event gathering printers possessing HP equipment. 2016 saw the opening of a Paris showroom in which, thanks to its partnership with Xerox, Antalis offers a unique service in Europe by providing access to a latest-generation Xerox digital press to allow in situ printing tests.